Marketing professionals who don’t understand the packaging design to print process can end up making poor decisions. This is because of how overwhelming it feels and that they often feel like there are a lot of technical things happening behind the scenes. The result for many marketers is either low quality, high costs or missed deadlines.

Today, many companies are moving towards digital printing techniques which are quite popular among the masses. But the question is whether or not they are truly ready for it. One needs to keep in mind that though these methods are economical, but only when the right printing techniques use for the production of custom printed product.

If you’re new to this business, there are a lot of design possibilities with digital printing. However, you might sabotage your efforts if you go for simple printing techniques.

The best digital printing standards are achieved with the help of sophisticated machines. They apply precise amounts of ink on specific areas in order to create a desired design effect. However, before you take up this option, it is vital that you ask your printer about their services and whether they are able to provide them or not.

While most reasonable printers will offer you with a price quote for their printing services, you should always go for affordable prices. Keep in mind that the competition is tough in the world of digital print production. You can still get good advice from your printer about how to begin. There are so many small businesses vying for attention.

There are several different digital printing techniques for customized packaging. Digital presses are good because they can create lots of things, but they use computers and ink cartridges instead of traditional methods. If you need a very specific imprint color or size on paper with certain opacity requirements, then digital presses are not the best.

These are the main digital printing techniques used in personalized packaging:

  • flexography,
  • inkjet
  • direct to substrate.
  • Lithography

1) Lithography (offset litho):

This process uses oily plates. So, the printing is best on plastic films that don’t stick to oily surfaces. This can be good if your design requires more than one layer with rich colors because each layer can be printed separately using offset lithography’s four plate system then combined into an end product like retail shopping bags. This method also works well for products made from corrugated fibreboard boxes which have rigid stuff but looks good in printing.

Lithography is a printing method that most people use. It can be less cost-efficient than using digital presses for simple black and white projects because the ink has to dry before you can print in color. For companies needing to print in color, this is an expensive process so multiple runs with different color inks will add up quickly.

2) Flexographic Printing

Flexographic printing is a good way to make customized packages. It creates things like labels, catalogs, brochures and direct mail pieces that are cheaper than other ways. Flexography offers many benefits over other printing. It does not require plates or plate making equipment. When you print, the initial setup costs are low. Flexo printing is a way to print images that has color and lots of detail. This is different than sheet fed printing. With sheet fed printing, the ink droplets can be bigger and this means less detail in your image. Digital printers let you control the colors that are printed. You can make many different colors. These colors won’t be different than the Pantone color that is set for your printer.

3) Inkjet:

Inkjet printing is a type of digital printing. Using inkjet, you can print small images. These are continuous ink jet printers,

Piezoelectric Drop-On-Demand Printer

When a customer wants to brand their product with unique colors and designs on the package of products they’re selling in stores or online, it’s difficult. Packaging companies can print custom text right onto boxes using label printers that get rid of the need to use stickers. These are very expensive machines, but they are worth it because you don’t need to use stickers at all. However, these high costs have driven innovation forward so there are also low-cost alternatives. There is a machine that is combined from a piezo electric and ink jet for packages. This machine is available at a lower price point. This alternative uses heat activated ink print for the custom products.

Thermal Dye Sublimation Printer

Customized printed boxes and bags can be a great way to promote your business or product. These days it is easy to find various companies that offer customized box printing services online. If you want to buy Custom Printed Boxes in bulk, you will need to work with a company that provides this service. It will cost less and take less time than just buying them one at a time. These companies have been very successful for major brands who use them in their marketing campaigns that have been successful for many years.

Bubble Jet Printers.

In recent years, the use of printing technology has been growing rapidly. Customized packaging is popular in today’s world because of the development in technology and printing capabilities. High-resolution printing is used to make personalized services for customers. Bubble jet printers are gaining popularity right now.

4)Direct to Substrate.

DTS is good for products that need to be more durable. It can also be waterproof. This is because it goes on paper, plastic film, and other materials before the containers are filled with liquids or powders. This is great for making containers with special shapes, like flowers or stars. Circle punches are also used to make round holes in bags, pouches, and liners for printing on these containers. You can use this technique to stand out from the crowd by having a unique design on your products.


In recent years, the use of printing technology has been growing rapidly. The printing industry is growing much faster than before because people have started using it more in their daily lives. You can get many types of printed materials from different Packaging Company to promote your products and services in a better way. It will be a good idea to purchase custom-printed boxes.