Considering longevity, Dubai has been one of the trademark destinations for affordable and innovative business startups for entrepreneurs all over the world. UAE’s emphasis on dynamic, digital changes, advanced logistics, luxury-abundant infrastructure and business climate have played a pivotal role in attracting foreign direct investment and business set-ups. The pro-business environment also offers SMEs a grand scale for launching their business, registration and licensing whilst providing markets that are equipped with vast growth potential.

Whether it be a tech-based start-up, or opening up a branch office, any entrepreneur residing in either India, Europe or the Middle East can resort to a business set up in Dubai will facilitate your business with flexible regulatory environments, innovative process management, a talented pool of candidates for a workplace and easier business registration processes. Read on to find out more about how Dubai can present abundant opportunities in resolving critical business needs.

Benefits of Starting Your Business in Dubai

After you decide where your business should be set up, it’s important to determine which economic jurisdiction is most suitable for your business model based on the activities that you partake in.

  • Great business climate

With 100% exclusion on corporate and personal tax, full ownership of profits and losses and 100% repatriation of profits, setting up your business in Dubai is bound to be one of the more affordable options when it comes to daily business operations. If you decide to set up your business in a jurisdiction like a free zone, the chances of retaining higher profits and having complete governance over the operations of your business will be higher.

  • Premier location

The UAE is the heart of the Middle East which is inclusive of skyscraper buildings, clad with glass and aluminium shining rapidly, along with exclusive transport logistics and supporting digital services to assist the boost in your business sales. Facilities ranging from efficient airport infrastructure, and access to a large, global market is provided to make sure that your business is at ease when conducting operations.

  • Easy registration process

With the assistance of a local agent or free zone authority, it would be easier to get through documentation, license applications and registrations which involve speaking and consulting with governmental authorities. On behalf of you, certain free zone authorities like Meydan Free Zone are willing to handle hefty paperwork and the payment of fees to make sure the onboarding process is a seamless one.

Potential Business Opportunities

When setting up a business, there are many business activities that you would take interest in due to profitability and growth potential in Dubai.

  • Education
  • Space exploration
  • Development of software and technology
  • Logistics management
  • Drop shipping
  • Import and export business
  • Real estate market
  • Financial services
  • Construction
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Retailing

To Conclude

Dubai witnesses some of the biggest developments in vast areas of multiple markets, and delving into a land of opportunity would greatly benefit the expansion of your business’s domain. With multiple ideal locations in the mainland and different free zones, Dubai’s markets have more than enough potential for market penetration and growth.