Business credibility is very important for the development and growth of any company. In order to reach out to potential customers, you need the right marketing and promotional tools. Your website is a powerful platform to reach out to everyone online with your products or services. However, the question is your website accessible to everyone online, including those with disabilities?

An accessibility overlay will help you solve problems in web accessibility online

When it comes to the question of web accessibility for everyone, you should evaluate your web content to look for problems and apply fixes. There are manual approaches for the above; however, they are time-consuming and expensive.

You are constantly updating your content online, and as per the laws of the land, it should be ADA and WCAG compliant, or else you will be liable to hefty fines. This is where a good quality  accessibility overlay  infused with modern technologies like artificial intelligence steps in to help. The overlay is an automated and proactive solution to scan your site and apply the fixes needed for web accessibility without any sort of hassles.

Choosing the right accessibility overlay tool is very important. One infused with modern technologies like artificial intelligence helps you get custom solutions quickly. For instance, the accessibility overlay tool of AccessiBe is popular among business owners for its artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities that help them keep their sites fully compliant. At the same time, the tool is highly affordable, even for small business owners.

Installation is quick and simple

The installation of the tool is simple, and it uses a line of JavaScript to function seamlessly on your site. Once installed, the tool will scan the site for new content and ensure it is ADA compliant. Even if you upload new content, the scan will make the adjustments needed under 48 hours so that you are fully compliant in a short time.

Use a compliance testing tool for your site

If you are a business owner, you can always test the levels of accessibility with a good quality tool for compliance testing. For instance, aCe of Accessi Be is a great tool for business owners for testing the web accessibility of their sites. In this way, you are able to ascertain the areas of your site where you should work on accessibility to make it fully compliant with the laws.

Save time and money easily

For fixing accessibility issues, an overlay is a cost-effective method over manual approaches. It is prudent to choose one that has AI-infused technologies over generic ones. They have certain limitations, whereas their AI-powered peers can be faster and a comprehensive solution to include users with different kinds of disabilities with success.

Therefore, if you are a business owner struggling with web accessibility issues for your site, it is prudent to rely on a credible web  accessibility overlay  for your needs. Once installed, you can forget about compliance issues, knowing the tool is looking after your site 24/7.

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