Human resources technology allows people and HR specialists to work in a more effective manner while delivering a better experience for employees. Human resources technology is able to store data in a comprehensive and secure way, automating standard processes and providing analytics for the creation of management reports and insights to allow businesses to make better decisions.

Human resources technology is capable of supporting a wide array of HR functions, depending on the particular system involved, including the likes of pay, benefits, recruitment and onboarding, employee communications, rewards, talent management AASB 16 and performance management.

Today’s innovative human resources technology is able to benefit the workforce for both employers and employees.

Benefits of human resources technology

Simple time tracking and scheduling

It is essential for all businesses to be able to track their employees in terms of scheduling, as too many workers going on leave at the same time could obviously have catastrophic side-effects. This problem can be avoided with the use of human resources technology as it tracks the reason for any absences and allows for the management of holiday requests while also monitoring any other leaves of absence and enabling the automation of holiday booking.

Greater accessibility of information

Human resources technology means that it is easy for employers to gain access to all essential information about their employees, making it readily available at all times and simplifying the decision making process due to the instant accessibility of up to date data.


Human resources technology can also benefit employees via the automation of manual processes that take up a lot of time, meaning they will have more time to focus on work that is more important and productive. When a company has many employees paper management can be very difficult but with the use of human resources technology basic processes such as employee self-services, sick days, holiday allowance and training can all be automated.

Human resources technology is also able to streamline workflows, resulting in the improvement of overall work management and productivity.

Employee development

It is more beneficial and affordable to train existing employees in the proper manner than it is to recruit new employees, in addition to it also being of obvious benefit to your existing workers for them to be able to develop new skills and further their careers, and this is something else that human resources technology can help with.

Human resources technology can facilitate the development of employees through training courses to performance appraisals. Appraisals that are conducted on a regular basis can help with boosting the morale of employees while also providing them with incentives to maintain their high work standards. Employees will also have easy access to this information, increasing their level of engagement with their work and the business.


There are a number of industries that benefit from the use of human resources technology. Local government, logistics and the mining and retail industries can all benefit from human resources technology, as can the likes of aged care, childcare and the hospitality and events staging industries.

With benefits ranging from recruitment and retention to workplace administration support, employee learning and self-service, human resources technology is playing an ever more crucial role for businesses.