Do you want to know about the cost of family health insurance? If yes, connect with this article to get the complete information about its cost. In the United States, Americans pay monthly premiums to cover their medical problems. The pre-existing health conditions do not analyze these health insurance premiums numbers of factors that affect the premium plans of any health insurance policy.

Key factors of the costing of health insurance plans

Many factors contribute to the cost of health insurance plans that consist of state or federal laws. Wherever you are, you get the proper insurance plan through the specific insurance company employer.

You have to take some suggestions from the insurance company employees before buying any insurance plan for your family.

According to the reports for 2020, the annual premium of a health insurance policy is approximately $21,342, but employees of insurance companies only picked the 7 % of the cost.

The increase in the cost of employee health problems is one of the major reasons behind not increasing the wages of insurance company employees in past decades.

The benchmark highest premium of the health insurance plan for a patient aged 27 years old costs $648. It was the report of 2020.

Deductions in the cost may change as per the firm’s size in which you work, or it also depends upon the type of insurance plans you need to buy for your family.

Factors that affect the premiums of health insurance plans 

Many factors affect the premiums of health insurance plans when you buy them. It is good to understand these factors while buying any insurance plan for your family. Ten factors affect the premium cost of a family medical insurance plan.

1.Use of tobacco: For tobacco users, premiums cost about 50% or more.

2.Community type: Premiums are given at a less cost in urban areas rather than rural areas.

3.Size of employer: The premium of health insurance policies is cheap for large companies.

4.State of residence: Premium cost of health insurance plans depends on state and country.

5.State and federal laws: The employees with federal and state exchanges are getting the health insurance plans at less cost.

6.Income level: Low-page individual workers are compensated more on the health insurance policy premium.

7.Insurance plan type: Platinum and organizations plans through the premium of health insurance plans cost more.

8.Age: The rates of health insurance premiums increase when the purchaser becomes old day by day. The premium of health insurance plans increases after the age of 55.

Country Residency: Some countries have only access to one plan while others have multiple insurance plans. The more you get choice, the more you buy better. So those countries that give multiple insurance plans have more competition and can reduce the prices.


This article gives you complete information about the cost of health insurance plans. You must acknowledge the price before buying the health insurance policy.