Deductions in tax payments are just like any other deductions. Such deductions can be reduced from your total taxable income, which gives you a reduced figure for tax payments, thus, reducing one’s tax burden.

Getting tax deductions falls under the category of availing certain tax benefits. Therefore, the extent of the deduction will depend primarily on the type of tax benefit an individual ends up claiming.

An important distinction to always remember is that tax deductions are not the same as tax exemptions. While tax exemptions may or may not include the wavering of the entire tax bill, tax deductions never allow for a complete relief.

What is TDS?

TDS, or tax deducted at source, is a commonly thrown around term in offices. With TDS, it is possible to get deductions in a tax bill straight from the source of one’s income. Through this source, the government ensures that they always have a steady supply of revenue every year by collecting taxes directly from each individual straight from their workplace.

In this, tax is subtracted from one’s income before it is sent to them and is deposited with the government on their behalf. Here, deductions can be made in numerous payments, including salaries and interests among others.

Benefits of tax reductions

There are many people who choose to avail the services of a tax relief professional .This is in order to maximize their savings and minimize their expenses, some of the reasons why people choose to do are:

  • Tax deductions can assist you in saving some extra money which you can choose to utilize elsewhere, maybe somewhere more productive.
  • It is possible to avail tax deduction for the people belonging in the highest tax bracket, who have recently spent some amounts on medical bills or other charitable activities


Although filing your taxes is a mandatory part of adulthood, if you plan accordingly and with enough time to ponder over it, finding them may not be as hard as you think. Therefore, make sure to redo your research in order to understand all of the available options to increase the actual income that you will get in hand at the end of every month.