Do you think that writing bland content and stuffing the internet with redundancy will help you realize your SERP dream? If yes, then step back and wrap your face with 10 meters of cloth. And when you see that it is totally dark, rethink your thought. Gone are the days when stuffing a blog with keywords and linking it endlessly used to work. Now it will only harm you. The Internet is now towards a phase where it is now getting rid of bad quality. Now if you go to a good link building agency or get one of those fine Affordable SEO Packages, you will still lack something – Page Experience. You need to know more about, PerfectLinkBuilding says, this Page Experience thing.

So, what is page experience, and how you can master its lawns and seeds and waters and winds?

What is Page Experience and how it helps SEO?

Suppose you go to a pizza parlor. You have heard about it a lot from many people around. This hearing and knowing happens due to SEO and link building. These two things will bring customers to your parlor’s doorstep. Very fine! Very fine! Almost all the work of bringing people in is done. But then the concept of experience starts!

People have come to your doorstep with a smile on their faces and a craving in their hearts. But as soon as they touch the door to open it, a harsh squeaking sound shakes everyone around. They somehow manage it and enter the dorm, and there they see some garbage lying in the corner. With brows heaped to the head, they sit on a chair and the leg of the chair breaks off. Total heartbreak. Their experience gets brutally spoiled. This same thing happens in the case of the internet and its users.

When a user knocks on the digital doors of Google and asks a query, s/he sees a website getting recommended by the giant Google. The cursor scrolls down to the link, the website starts to surface, and the heart hopes for a solution. But here is the thing – sometimes the content remains good but the website does not support the content quality. It challenges the user experience. Google is concerned about this now. This is the reason it is now recommending websites with high Page Experience scores. Affordable SEO Packages are important too, but this will change your game.

This thing called Page Experience!

As discussed above, Page Experience is a set of a few factors that together decide if the page is providing a better user experience or not! So, what are these factors?

  • Core Web Vitals –
    • LCP (or Largest Contentful Paint)
    • FID (or First Input Delay)
    • CLS (or Cumulative Layout Shift)
  • Other Web Vitals –
    • Mobile Friendliness
    • HTTPS (Security Concerns)
    • No Intrusive Interstitials

These are the vitals that together create a smooth and quality user experience. So, what exactly are these harrowing terms? Do not worry, we have your concern.


It is the amount of time that the biggest element (from all the elements of a page) takes to load before the eyes of a user. It works like a sign of hope that things are loading and one need not worry. The recommended timing for this has been kept below 2.5 seconds.


Consider it to be the time that gets taken between the click that a user makes on an action button and the action taken. When you click on a ‘buy now’ button, the button should show action very quickly. This time should strictly be below 100 ms.


The website must load like the feet of Hermes (means very fast) and the elements should adjust very quickly. It should not be that you have opened a page, started reading, are in the middle of a paragraph, and then a new element loads and shifts the para before you. This should not happen.

Other Web Vitals

Now, these are a few more vitals that work on providing a quality experience to the visitors of a web page. Mobile Friendliness means your website won’t show any tantrums while loading on a mobile device. For this you need to have a responsive design, otherwise, your website won’t fit correctly on different devices.

Furthermore, you must make sure that your website is serving the users through the HTTPS tunnel. This ensures that the data stays safe and the user stays protected from any threat if any.

And then there are these brutal popups that surprise in between the surfing. This is like you are trying to eat peacefully and then suddenly a person arrives and puts a large pamphlet on your table between you and your food, and asks if you would love to hear from them in the future. These are called Intrusive Interstitials.

The chemistry of Page Experience and SEO!

Page Experience helps SEO. We do not want to hide it from you, and neither does Google. It had revealed it clearly back in mid-2020 that Core Web Vitals would be having a direct impact on SERP rankings. And when we look at it we find that this should have happened a long time back. People get too greedy sometimes and they keep on darting the users with terrible times and experiences. So, now when you know it, how to create a better Page Experience?

One must know that Page Experience is not the forte of SEO guys. You cannot buy Affordable SEO Packages and expect the Page Experience to improve. One needs to know more about, PerfectLinkBuilding says, this thing that it comes under web development. It is the work of web design and development authorities. They are like architects to the internet. Just as was in the case of Pizza Parlor, that you cannot expect the chefs to fix the door, chair, or garbage, you cannot also expect the SEO agencies to fix the website. For this, you need to hire a web design and development company. Know that it is a need now. You cannot ignore it and expect to thrive in the long term.

Furthermore, Page Experience helps in conversion indirectly. Ever happened that you go to a room to find something, then someone interrupts you and then you forget about what you were looking for? Page experience works on countering this intervention too. When a user is having a smooth experience with interruption, the bounce rate falls and time-spent peaks. This indicates to Google that your domain is good and thus it increases your Trust score. This high trust score helps in getting a better SERP ranking.

Do you need web development apart from SEO packages?

The theory is simple – time to come is going to be totally digital; the websites will have their total digital presence; one who would not be digital won’t really exist; to thrive digitally one would need to get to the first page of Google; having good SEO and web design will help one live this dream.

If you want to see your company beat your competitors and you have the budget for it, go for web development apart from Affordable SEO Packages. Furthermore, you would also need to seek some link building agency too. This way alone would ensure that your website will survive the hopeful future. You may want to know more about Perfectlinkbuilding and how it is helping people globally with utmost expertise and professionalism.