It is never too early to imagine and begin designing your infant’s room. New parents are often excited when the time comes to finally start looking forward to the new addition in the house and they want to be prepared for everything – including the baby’s room. This is also the only good time when parents can fully and truly call the shots and have their say in what should go into the room! The nursery is the baby’s first home. It is a space that is often aimed to be inviting, welcoming, calming, and serene. The atmosphere is quiet yet lively – and getting all these elements right may be a challenging task, especially for first-time parents who are living independently.

The best way to get what you want would be to explore fun ideas and allow yourself to be free and imaginative as you then narrow down your vision to make it more realistic. Here are some tips that you can keep in mind for a nursery.

  1. Warm-colored furniture–Cozy textures and warm furniture shades can provide a soothing feel to the room. Choose a baby cradle that is neutral in tone so that it can match other pieces of furniture even if they are slightly vibrant in their overall look. If you are choosing lighter furniture shades, you would want the ambiance to match and might have to opt for other pieces that complement thecradle. Warmer colors help you achieve the serene vibe you are looking for
  2. Fun lights – From a baby’s perspective, all they might see are lights and the ceiling. Therefore, having options of fun and quirky lighting that can hang from the ceiling is always a good option. Huge lights, colorful ones, printed or painted ones, with designs on them, etc can be considered for a nursery. You would not want the light above the cradle to be too harsh, choose warmer colors
  3. Carpets – Babies might be crawling in the house and their room. Carpeting from corner to corner might be helpful to avoid any injuries. It also provides soft padding to the otherwise hard floor that can also be sustainable for a small toddler. Carpets need not be a single color, you can choose to be whimsical and have colorful ones throughout the room for a vibrant look.
  4. Storage units–A storage unit is a must for all the baby’s clothes, socks, toys, and other essentials. These units can be selected from the plethora of options and can match the existing furniture of the room. If you have decided to go with warmer furniture options, the storage unit can also be in accordance. However, if your other elements are colorful and quirky, do not shy away from a bolder wardrobe design.
  5. The crib–The baby bed is an absolute essential in the room. You can go for an interesting crib design with animals, fruits, shapes, or colors on it. Choose a strong crib with a padded border and a size that fits your baby’s age. Options of multiple sturdy cribs are available online or offline and you can match the linens of the crib (bedsheet, pillows, etc) with the curtains or carpets in the room. Having curtains will give a soothing effect to the room and will block the extra light when needed

Feel free to explore your ideas and dig deep into your imagination as you add soft toys, tables, lamps, upholstery, polaroid, photos, etc to your baby’s nursery and make their first home the most welcoming space.