You eventually started running Facebook Advertisements and are getting new leads from them. Well done! But getting leads is only half the battle – you still need to convert them into paying guests. Your success depends on how snappily you can pierce, download and communicate your Facebook leads. Else, you’re just wasting your marketing sweats (and budget).

In this composition, you’ll learn the stylish ways to see and download your Facebook leads and the pros/ cons of desktop and mobile options. You’ll also see where to download Facebook leads from. Stick around till the end for some expert advice on the stylish practices to follow to triadic your new lead conversion rates.

How to get leads from Facebook?

Facebook offers numerous different types of advertisements styles and formats, depending on your pretensions – caregiving brand mindfulness, promoting new products, gaining followers, etc. But for utmost businesses, the main precedence is getting new leads. There are two main ways to get leads from Facebook Advertisements.

  1. Submit Contact Details(e.g. leads submit their contact details via Facebook Lead Advertisements, Messenger Lead Generation, or a website contact form)
  2. Click-to-Communication (e.g. leads click to communication directly on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger)

We ’ll focus on how to view leads that have submitted their contact details via Facebook lead forms, as click-to- communication leads will appear as a converse in WhatsApp Marketing or Messenger.

How to download Facebook leads on desktop and mobile?

All the contact details you collect via Lead Advertisements or Messenger Lead Generation – similar as a lead’s name, phone number, dispatch address, and preferences – are saved to your Facebook Page’s Form Library.

 Once this period is over, you’ll no longer be suitable to view or download your Facebook lead data as Facebook automatically deletes records aged than 90 days. You should automatically save leads to your database (or manually export them every 90 days) to insure you do not lose them.

Manually downloading Facebook leads via CSV/ XLS (desktop only)

You can download Facebook lead information on your computer in CSV or XLS train formats. There are two ways to do this via your Facebook Page or Facebook Advertisements Director. Both styles are desktop- grounded and time- consuming. You’ll have to repeat this process numerous times a day for each lead form to check for new leads.

Download Facebook Leads via a Facebook Page on desktop

  1. Log into your Facebook account from a laptop or desktop cyber surfer.
  2. Click on the Flag icon and elect the Facebook Page you want to check.
  3. In the left column click on Publishing Tools.
  4. Click on Forms Library in the left column.
  5. In the ‘Leads’ column of the form you want to check, click on ‘Download’.
  6. Click on ‘Download New Leads’or‘Download by Date Range‘.
  7. You’ll see the form name along with the number of leads. Click CSV or XLS to download
  8. Reprise way 2-7 for each Facebook Page and/ or Lead Form you want to check for new leads.

Download Facebook Leads from Advertisements Director on desktop

  1. Log in to your Facebook account from a laptop or desktop cyber surfer.
  2. Go to Advertisements Director and click on the Advertisements tab (coming to the Crusade and Announcement Sets tabs).
  3. In the results column of the announcement you wish to check, click on‘Facebook Leads’.
  4. Click on ‘Download New Leads’or‘Download by Date Range’.
  5. You’ll see the form name along with the number of leads. Click CSV or XLS to download your lead data onto your computer in the format you prefer.
  6. Reprise way 3-5 for each announcement you want to check for new leads.

Viewing leads in Facebook Leads Centre (desktop)

You can skip homemade train downloads and see all your leads directly in Facebook Leads Centre, a simple interface to view Facebook leads. The debit is that you can only do this from a desktop web cyber surfer – mobile bias aren’t supported.
To pierce your lead data, go to Leads Centre from your Facebook Business Page (next to Inbox), or from Facebook Business Suite (under the Connections tab).

Then you can track, organise, manage, and engage with your leads from one place. You can view leads, set follow-up monuments, add notes, group leads by different stages, assign possessors to leads, produce custom cult, and shoot emails.
It’s a great tool for businesses that do not have a CRM and use spreadsheets to store client details. Leads Centre acts as a mini CRM, automatically streamlined with your new super eminent information.

The strike is that Facebook Leads Centre doesn’t give lead cautions and you cann’t pierce it on mobile bias. Since it does not notify you when a new lead submits their details, you still need to manually check and download Facebook leads multiple times a day?

This creates redundant work and detainments your response times to new leads.
Also, you can only pierce it from a laptop or desktop web cyber surfer. So you’re out of luck if you’re substantially using your phone for work or down from your office for a while.