Travelling with your friends and family is important for getting a break from your monotonous routine and rejuvenating your mind. Getting a travel insurance policy is quite important for going on a trip. It will ensure that you have adequate protection from unforeseen risks in a tourist location.

But what if your flight suddenly gets cancelled or you need to cancel it for an emergency? Don’t worry because a travel insurance policy also covers flight cancellations these days. Learn about flight-related coverage in a travel insurance policy from this article.

Flight Cancellation Coverage in a Travel Insurance Policy

When you are ready to go on a trip, you make all arrangements beforehand. You have already booked your flight ticket, packed your bags, and are all set to go on the trip. But the airline might cancel the flight at the last minute, and nothing will go as planned.

The carrier might cancel the flight for a variety of reasons, including national and international political issues. Generally, the flight might get cancelled for the following reasons:

  • Bad weather conditions like snow, fog, or a typhoon
  • Natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, or any other thing
  • Financial issues of the airline
  • Strikes or protests by the employees of the company

You don’t have to fret about any of these situations because your travel insurance will take care of them.

Claiming Reimbursement If Your Flight is Cancelled

If you have invested in propertravel insurance online, you will get reimbursed for cancellation, rescheduling, or any form of interruption. Your flight might get cancelled for various reasons, including technical glitches, socio-political situations, terrorist attacks, or more.

You will be compensated for the cost of your flight tickets. But your travel insurance online will also cover accommodation changes or any other extra charge.

Therefore, your travel insurance online will compensate for your unused flight ticket along with other additional unplanned expenses. The unplanned expenses can include hotel accommodations due to cancellations or delays.

But the reimbursement will depend on the features and coverage of your travel insurance online. Moreover, the features also vary across different travel insurance providers.

Travel Insurance Coverage for Trip Cancellation

When you buy travel insurance online, you get compensated for flight cancellation from your end. But coverage for trip cancellation from your end is applicable only under the following situations:

  • When you or your co-travellers fall sick, get Covid-19, or get in an accident
  • When there has been a death in your immediate family
  • When you or the people accompanying you suffer from an injury preventing flying

However, your domestic or international travel insurance will only compensate when you have flight cancellation coverage. Therefore, you should always invest in a good flight ticket cancellation cover to avoid losses.

When you buy travel insurance online with a flight cancellation cover, you get compensated for the ticket fare. Moreover, you also get refunds for all your refundable booking amounts.

When Will You Not Get Compensated for Cancelled Flights?

Remember that every international or domestic travel insurance has different terms and conditions. So, you are unlikely to be compensated in certain situations, and some of them are as follows:

  • Cancellations due to any cosmetic surgery, not because of any accident
  • Cancellations because of anxiety, depression, substance abuse, or any other nervous disorder
  • Cancellations because of pregnancy or related conditions
  • Cancellations due to any pre-existing condition when you were planning to travel without medical consent
  • Delays due to orders of the port authority or similar authoritative bodies

Your insurer might not reimburse you for various other reasons. Therefore, you should always read the terms of your flight insurance coverage before going ahead with its purchase.

How to Claim Flight Insurance?

If you are cancelling your flight for one of your insured reasons, your domestic or international travel insurance will offer full coverage. They will reimburse you for all the losses once you make your claim. The steps to claim your flight cancellation coverage are as follows:

  • Step 1: Notify your insurer that you are cancelling the flight and mention the reason behind your cancellation.
  • Step 2: Submit the required documents, including a properly filled claim form, proof of cancellation, and original invoices.

Remember that most international or domestic travel insurance providers don’t entertain claims if you haven’t cancelled the flight at least 24 hours before its departure. Additionally, multiple factors will be weighed in before providing you with proper compensation.

Ending Note

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