In India, a Direct Selling Agent can earn up to lakhs of DSA loan agent commission as there are a lot of openings. The usual range of commission for the DSAs can range from 0.2 per cent to 2 per cent over different types of loans. It’s each about the quantum of loan you’re dealing to the clients. For example, if you got a client who profited from Rs.10 lakhs business loan or personal loan, you can earn up to 1 of the loan quantum, which is Rs. 10000. For meriting the DSA loan agent commission in India, all you need to do is to sell as numerous loans as you can, and also, the quantum of the loan matters a lot. The further deals you produce/ develop new customers for the monetary company you’re working with, the further DSA loan agent commissions you can procure.

As the popularity of loans has been accelerating and people currently don’t suppose unfavourably about taking loans, it’s getting more smooth to work as a DSA. The added demand for a loan also indicates that you can find further customers and make further commissions. However, also you need to know that the type of DSA loan agents is decided as per the type of loan they sell. If you’re joining any bank or NBFC as an agent, generally, in India, there are 4 classes of DSAs, and these are distributed as per the rate of commission they get. All the rates mentioned below are average DSA loan agent commission rates.

  1. Home loan DSA – The home loan DSAs generally get around 0.2 per cent as commission which is the average rate of commission for this portion. generally, if the home price or value goes above Rs.1 crore, the rate of the commission also goes up.
  1. Business And Personal loans – The following are business loans and personal loans, where the DSAs get nearly the same rate of commission. The average rate of DSA loan agent commission is around 1 per cent for any loan quantum over Rs.10 lakhs. Above that, the rate can go up to 3 per cent as well.
  1. Car And Gold loans – DSAs can earn up to 0.2 per cent to 0.3 per cent commission if they vend car loans and gold loans. In this case, too, the rate rises if the loan quantum goes above. 1 crore.
  1. Loan Against Property – The next type of loan is a loan against property, in which the rate of commission of the DSAs is normally 0.3 per cent, while the rate of commission can go up to 0.5 per cent if the loan worth is above 1 crore.

Becoming a DSA loan agent can be helpful if you’re inclined to make a career in the field of finance and the marketing sphere. As a loan DSA, you can vend diverse products that the company they’re hooked up with has in their product list. From home loans to personal loans, business loans, or any other type of loan that the company offers, you can offer to the customer and earn a DSA loan agent commission based on the loan quantum and type.