Office moves are exciting initially because you envisionthe end result.However, once you realize that you need to do some preparation and organization things can quickly become overwhelming. After all, there are a lot of things that you must do. Therefore, we’ve created this outline so that you know what to do and when.

Moving Company

6 months before moving…

While you may think there’s nothing to do at this point, there are several things that you can donow before calling the moving company, including:

  • Choose somewhere where you cankeepall your notes regarding your moveorganized.You’ll also want to make sure that you keep copies of your key documents (e.g., insurance records, contracts, agreements) here too.
  • Announce the big officemove to your employees. Make sure to tell your employees as much as possible at this time (e.g., new office location, moving date, what you expect your employees to do, and what information you will provide along the way).
  • Considerwhat items you’ll be bringing with you and which you’ll be leaving behind. This will help you determine what will need to be packed.
  • Discuss move-related workflow strategies with your managers. This is especially important if they have any critical deadlines that fallwithin the timeframe of your move.

3 months before moving…

Now at the time of your office move is growing closer there are more things you’ll need to do. These include:

  • Start looking for a moving company. Not only will you want to ask forrecommendations, but you’ll also want to do some research of your own. Make sure that the moving company you choosecomes out to your business to answer your questions and give you a pricequote.
  • Besides hiring amoving company,you’ll also want to choose acleaning serviceto help with youroffice move.This is assuming that neither your current nor future office buildings employ a cleaning service that’ll take care of things for you.
  • Now is also the time to start packing. This way, you can downsize and get rid of anything you won’t need. You may even want to have a warehouse sale to recoup some of the cost of furniture and other items you’re getting rid of instead of simply throwing them in the trash. As you pack, take time to ensure that each box is properly labeled with its contents so that it’s easier to have it moved to the correct area.

The month before the move…

This time is bound to get crazy, so you’ll want to make sureyour employees are kept well informed. If your new officespace doesn’t include utilities make sure to call well in advance to have them turned on for when you arrive. This is alsowhen you’ll want todisconnect any utilities that you’re responsible for at your current location.

Besides utilities, now is also the time to finish packing any last-minute items. You and your employees can alsostart talking about how you’ll decorate and organize your new office space. If you aren’t having someone unpack your office for you, it’s important to request help from your employees at this point. Remember, you don’t want any part of this move to come as a surprise to them.

This entire process may feel overwhelming, but at 2 Guys and aVan in Chicago, IL,we’re here to ensure that your office movegoes smoothly. This is something we’ve helped many businesses with over the years,which is why we’ve become the number one moving company in the area.  Reach out to us today to how are moving companyhandlesyour office movefor you.